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“Ride for love” public welfare program starts
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“Ride for love” public welfare program starts
▲An traffic police officer in Conghua District is issuing the Initial written proposal of Refuse to take Five kinds of vehicles

“Ride for love” public welfare program starts
▲On the spot, the traffic police department is playing a series of traffic accident videos in order to improve people’s safety driving sense.


Civilized driving is related to each person's life and property safety and happiness of life, embodies a city's development quality and overall image. However, around us, we often see people who ignore the traffic safety regulations, such as driving without helmets, retrograde, overload, road racing, disorderlychanging lane, running red traffic lights and other hazards that endanger other people’s lives. So, how to improve the civilized drivingconsciousness?

“Ride for love” public welfare program starts


On January 18th (Wednesday), Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd.,under the guidance of the traffic police brigadeofPublic Security Bureau of Conghua District,duly organized the "concerned about the civilized driving, ride for love “public welfare activities.On the spot, a series of activities like civilized driving public welfare videos, leaflets,question-and-answer games about traffic signs, traffic police advice, moving around the timber pile competition, free check were available. In this way,Sanyaadvocateduniversal civilized driving, consciously abiding by traffic laws and regulations, establishing a safe and orderly transportation environment, setting up a positive image of the motorcycle enthusiasts. These activities attracted many medias ’attention and support, including Conghua TV Station,Conghuainformation network and other local medias. The activities play a positive role in promotingcivilizedand safe driving awareness among the motorcycle riders and local citizens.


According to the reporter, the ride for love program isa long-term public action. The entire program is made up ofseries of public welfare activities, focusing on different peopleordifferent areas.This time, it was about civilized driving, next time may be concerned about poor mountain students and other areas,there is no fixed limit. The Ride for love members are mainly composed of volunteer motorcycle riding enthusiasts from different districts and the majority of motorcycle riders are welcome to provide concerned clues!

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